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  • Central Africa: The DRC, Malawi & Uganda

  • West Africa: Botswana, Namibia & Angola

  • East Africa: Mozambique & Tanzania

  • South Africa

  • Zimbabwe & Zambia

A large part of our success with project management is due to the strength of our carrier network. Our diverse network of carriers provides us the flexibility to handle many different types of project cargo.

Project Logistics Management is our speciality.  With the combined expertise of our infrastructure and network, we are able to provide a team of specialists to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Specialized loads require additional planning such as Route & Road Surveys, Cranes, Lifting Equipment & Rigging, Permits and Coordinating Escorts. Unidel has the infrastructure and expertize available to minimize...

When these large indivisible payloads have a gross combination mass exceeding 110 metric tons (this does vary slightly, dependent on country) the load is determined to be a Superload.

During projects, heavy lifting equipment and rigging is often required.  We can provide specialized lifting equipment and rigging for installations, maintenance and site establishment.

The routes Superloads are permitted to travel on are limited by bridge capacity and geometrics, involving mass, height, width and length restrictions. Unidel has experience of known Superload routes and assesses routes to new...

When coordinating projects, it is common to have freight crossing various country borders. We understand the complexities and regulations of trucks entering the borders, and can help coordinate this aspect of the project with...

We offer secure storage, warehousing, distribution and crating, including a Bonded Storage facility for trans-shipment or distribution.

This service was launched to meet the needs of customers who require additional...

Unidel offer a complete Logistics management service for construction and mining projects across South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the DRC. Our infrastructure throughout sub-Saharan Africa ensures that we are with you all the way.