• Central Africa: The DRC, Malawi & Uganda

  • West Africa: Botswana, Namibia & Angola

  • East Africa: Mozambique & Tanzania

  • South Africa

  • Zimbabwe & Zambia

About Unidel Carriers

SERVICE EXCELLENCE is the name of our game, Welcome to a world where a challenge is just part of our day. Striving to provide practical, up to date logistics to the Industrial transport requirements.

With many years or transport/logistical experience in the abnormal/super load industry, no load is too big for us. The bigger.the better!! We provide it all from route surveys, to permit applications, to the actual move.

See our gallery on our website for pictures of some of the loads we have worked on in the past including one of the highest loads transported to the north of Zambia in their history. Operating throughout Sub Saharan Africa as far as Central Africa Republic by road, we are proud to say that we are breaking new ground everyday.

We have various departments, each of which have personal experience in their respective fields.  All of these departments are here to provide you with as much support and knowledge as possible pertaining to the transport industry.

Unidel - We are in Africa for the long haul.

Unidel offer a complete Logistics management service for construction and mining projects across South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the DRC. Our infrastructure throughout sub-Saharan Africa ensures that we are with you all the way.