Abnormal Loads & Superloads

Abnormal Loads

Specialized loads require additional planning such as Route & Road Surveys, Cranes, Lifting Equipment & Rigging, Permits and Coordinating escorts. Unidel is prepared for these steps ahead of time, minimizing unforeseen expenses later.

Our specialized team has vast experience with Abnormal / Super Loads, and past projects have included loads with abnormalities up to 7 metres high by 6 metres wide for many years.

A previous project included 3 units @ 30m long by 4.5m in diameter and weighing 260 metric tons each. This is the heaviest load transported over the borders in Southern Africa to date.

The Unidel team is proud to have handled one of the highest and heaviest loads transported to the north of Zambia in their history.


When these large indivisible payloads have a gross combination mass exceeding 110 metric tons (this does vary slightly, dependent on country) the load is determined to be a Superload.

There is an increasing demand to transport large and heavy industrial material such as equipment & machinery for electric power generation and chemical plants, mining & construction equipment and components from factories or ports to inland destinations. Due to the limited capacity of the railways in Southern Africa, these loads are transported on the road network.

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