• Central Africa: The DRC, Malawi & Uganda

  • West Africa: Botswana, Namibia & Angola

  • East Africa: Mozambique & Tanzania

  • South Africa

  • Zimbabwe & Zambia

Long Term Clients

2008 – 2017 – Medupi power station RSA

Route survey for Site establishment, all loads and supplies for civils at the power station, transportation of abnormal and general loads, collections and all warehousing to site.


2008 – 2017 – Solwezi, Zambia

Transport of equipment, and abnormal cargo out of RSA.


2008 – 2017 – Bond Yard

Movement of bonded cargo to our bond yard, container handling, de-stuff, reload to projects in sub-Saharan Africa.


2011 – 2017 - Kalumbila Solwezi, Zambia

Transport of equipment, and abnormal cargo out of RSA.


2011 – 2017 - Lumbumbashi, Kolwezi

Transport of equipment, and abnormal cargo out of RSA.


2011-2017 - South Africa

Transport of Equipment and Abnormal cargo within RSA.

Our main business is to supply the Industrial Sector of the market with a transport service.  This includes the movement of Forestry Equipment, Structural Steel, Industrial Gear Units to the mines, Large Earth Moving Equipment, Tyres, Fertilizer, Lime, Sugar, Express Freight, Mast equipment, Maize, piping and many other products.  We do loads to all main centers throughout South Africa and Over Border countries on a daily basis as part of our general work that are not connected to projects.

We hope that you will consider dealing with us in the future with regard to any Transport, Handling, Shipping and Distribution that you may require.  We are confident that our service will add value to your business.

Unidel offer a complete Logistics management service for construction and mining projects across South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the DRC. Our infrastructure throughout sub-Saharan Africa ensures that we are with you all the way.