• Central Africa: The DRC, Malawi & Uganda

  • West Africa: Botswana, Namibia & Angola

  • East Africa: Mozambique & Tanzania

  • South Africa

  • Zimbabwe & Zambia

Top Projects 2006-2010

2006 - Frontier DRC 

Transport of equipment and materials for the construction and Process Plant Phase being erected on a green site in the DRC. Expected number of loads around 300 of which 40% will be Abnormal.


2006 -  4000 Tons Lime P/M to Chingola Zambia

Ongoing contract moving 1 Ton bags from Danielskuil RSA to Chingola in Zambia.


2006 – Swakopmund , Namibia

Transport of equipment and materials for the construction and Process Plant Phase being erected on a Green site in  Namibia. Expected number of loads around 450 if which 40% being Abnormal. Our scope of work also included clearing and forwarding.


2005 – 2006 Dar as Salaam Tanzania

On going project to transport Cellular Network equipment and masts from Johannesburg to Dar es Salaam.


2006 – Ugie RSA

Establishment of Road Construction Equipment from Johannesburg and Durban to the Ugie Site. Expected number of loads around 50 with 30% being Abnormal.


2006 - Langer Heinrich, Namibia

Mine Establishment of all materials and equipment to a new mine near Swakopmund. 30& Abnormal, overall control of the Clearing & Forwarding .


2006 / 2007 – Madlamgampisi to Ladysmith

Dis-establishment of site approx 400 tons.


2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007- Zambia

Transport of 34 ton glass loads from South Africa, done with custom made A frames.


2006 / 2007 – Mufulira – JNB

Dis-establishment of civils and construction equipment from Zambia back to Johannesburg.


2006 / 2007 – Kansanshi , Zambia

Upgrade Projects for the Kansanshi Copper Mine.


2006/2007 - Ugie , RSA

Transport for the dis-establishment of the Ugie site to Johannesburg.


2006 / 2007 - Namaqwa Sands , RSA

Transport of Civil equipment from Johannesburg to the Namaqwa site in the Western Cape.


2007 – Kinganyambo Musonoi Tailings DRC

Route survey and site establishment, all transport requirements including delicate equipment and oversized loads.


2008 – Karonga Malawi

Mine upgrade with new site offices and refurbishing of building and warehouses.


2008 – Solwezi mine upgrade Zambia

Phase 3 of upgrade, for Crushing plant, including Abnormal loads requiring provincial escort and route survey.


2008 – 2015 – Medupi power station RSA

Route survey for Site establishment, all loads and supplies for civils at the power station, transportation of abnormal and general loads, collections and all warehousing to site.


2008 – 2010 – Phokataba platinum mine RSA

Route survey for site establishment, Computerized tracking system for monitoring and costs of loads.


2009 – 2010 - Kinservere project in DRC

Transport of site equipment, consolidation of loads, BV inspections and reports, including abnormal loads being Permanent & Temporary machinery to DRC.


2010 – Nkomati mine RSA

Transport of cargo including Abnormal loads requiring provincial escorts.


2010 – Vilankulos Mozambique

Transport of site establishment equipment, assistance with clearing of cargo out of RSA and into Mozambique.


2010 – Kitwe Zambia

Transport of 500 tons scaffolding to upgrade project in Zambia.


2010 – Lusaka Zambia

Transport of all items to Zambian Breweries for upgrade of plant.

Unidel offer a complete Logistics management service for construction and mining projects across South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the DRC. Our infrastructure throughout sub-Saharan Africa ensures that we are with you all the way.